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Logo And Slogan – Key Elements of Brand Positioning

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Interesting article approaching the use of visual identity and positioning as main tools for a business to separate itself from its competitors.

Every day we are bombarded by millions of messages. They’re everywhere, from print media to highway billboards, local supermarkets, public phone booths, our mailboxes, radios and television sets.

Add to that the explosive growth of the internet and the new communication opportunities this medium presents, and today’s business owner or manager has a near-impossible task at hand; making his or her message stand out among the noise generated by others.

Next the article is presenting the 5 key strategies for a competitive visual identity (logo) as the first of the two crucial components of branding:

  1. Be unique
  2. Instantly communicate the nature of the business, product, or service.
  3. Be appealing to the target audience
  4. Be able to withstand the test of time
  5. Be able to work in context of all potential communications’ media

The second and equally important component of branding is a verbal one. It is often referred to as a slogan, tagline or a positioning statement.

  1. Be as unique as the company logo
  2. Be brief and memorable
  3. Be honest

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