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Identity, Message, Presentation – 3 Levels of Branding

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Interesting post over at StickyFigure. Even if it’s discussing the topic of “department branding” the three bullets that mention 3 potential levels of “branding” that might occur are generally acceptable when talking about branding:

  1.   Presentation (basic look/feel) – this is less a true branding exercise, than an attempt to arrive at consistent visual standards. Often, this will involve a logo of some sort, and some graphical/color standards that are designed and enforced in all production (e.g., a stylized T&D with a red and grey scheme).
  2.   Message and Presentation – this includes the above, plus the addition of some sort of defining and aspirational message that truly represents the aim of the group.
  3.   Identity, Message, and Presentation – this involves a more thoughtful process of seeking to articulate the value, culture, outlook, and goals of the department, now and for the future, and crystallizing this in clear summary statements and messages. In this case, an exercise of “brand-storming” precedes development of messages and presentation element, since those are the outflow of identity definition.

More here.

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  • 1 Valery // Oct 17, 2008 at 9:59 am

    I do agree with this post, but who knows how to create an aspirational message that truly represents the aim of the group…

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