Top 20 Coolest Brands in UK – 2011

Aston Martin made it to the coolest brand in UK according to the study released today by

The UK’s CoolBrands are chosen by the Expert Council and members of the British public. Brands do not apply or pay to be considered. The entire selection process is independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis.

A comprehensive database of the UK’s coolest brands is compiled using a wide range of sources, from sector reports to blogs. From the thousands of brands initially identified, approximately 1,500 brands are short-listed. An independent and voluntary Expert Council scores this list, with members individually awarding each brand a rating.

The lowest-scoring brands (approximately 40%) are eliminated. A nationally-representative group of more than 2,100 UK consumers on the YouGov panel are asked to vote on the surviving brands. The opinions of the Expert Council (70 per cent) and the British public (30 per cent) are combined and the 500 highest-ranking brands are awarded ‘CoolBrand’ status.

Cool is subjective and personal. Accordingly, voters are not given a definition but are asked to bear in mind the following factors, which research has shown are inherent in a CoolBrand: style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability, uniqueness. Continue reading

Brands vs. Tomorrow’s Major Consumers: Teenagers

GenWorld Teen Study just released by Energy BBDO has interesting information for marketers, giving them some suggestions on how to reach tomorrow’s major consumers: teenagers. Conducted in 13 countries, the study found a worldwide generation is being guided by one ethical code: authenticity.

[..] unlike the Gen-Xers that preceded them, this new generation believes there are causes worth supporting, with 70% agreeing with the statement, “I would fight for a cause I believe in.”

So what does this means for brands? In a statement, Walker said, “The days of a Nike-style mega brand that dominates an entire generation may be over, but so is the enclave-ization of the teen world into stereotypical Skaters, Goths, Geeks and Cool Kids. Welcome to a world with as many different definitions of cool as there are individuals.”

The PDF copy of the report can be seen HERE (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Trends in Brand Naming

TippingSprung, a Manhattan-based brand consultancy, observed that few regular surveys focus on trends in brand naming. Consulting with a panel of branding experts, TippingSprung designed a brand-naming survey to help answer key questions: Which names are most popular? Which are most effective? What are some of the major trends in brand naming today?

Results from TippingSprung’s first annual survey of brand names revealed the top brand names in a number of key categories. Major trends in brand naming were also uncovered. The survey focused on names and products that had been released within the prior 18 months.

Choosing a name is one of the most important decisions a company can make when launching a brand. While packaging, taglines, or even product formulation can change on a regular basis, the name is the one element of the brand that remains constant.

said Martyn Tipping, president, TippingSprung.

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