Is Brand Loyalty Really Dead?

Brands lose customers because of dips in quality, scandals involving their business practices, and the ease of access to literally hundreds of other options at the push of a button. Brands do not lose loyalty because this generation isn’t as loyal as its predecessors. Brand loyalty is definitely still around, but it has changed shape according to the times.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Develop Your Brand

Before you begin developing a brand, you must have a solid understanding on who your customers are and how do you intend to serve them. Details can be extracted from your marketing plan or mission statement, but after all there everithing goes to asking yourself the next questions:

How do I want consumers to view my company? – Is the identity you want to portray friendly and personable? Professional? Efficient? Creative? Innovative? Appropriate for your target market? To begin choosing your branding direction, it may be helpful to write a list of characteristics that people would ideally use when describing your business. Identify the words you want consumers to recall when your business comes to mind.

Who are my customers and how does my product or service address their needs? – You need a strong understanding of your customer base to create an effective branding strategy. The idea of branding is to tell a consumer in as few words as possible how you will fulfill their needs. Knowing their needs is the first part, and communicating how you intend to fulfill those needs is the second.

Who are my competitors and why is my product or service better? – Sometimes looking at the competition can give you food for thought. You can see what is working for them and what is not working, and keep that information in mind as you create your own brand. Study people’s perceptions of other businesses. Use your personal experience as a consumer to guide you. Emphasize what is unique about your business that makes it a better choice than the competition.

The Seven Highly Effective Habits of Brand Champions

The ability to operate effectively within the ‘Experience Economy‘ is one of the key differentiators distinguishing winning brands from the rest of the pack.

‘Ensuring an ‘on-brand‘ experience for all your customers, regardless of where or how they interact with your company, means ensuring that the company itself – its people, its systems, its products – is always ‘on-brand‘. And therein lies the challenge…

  • Know Thyself
  • Top Level Evangelists
  • The Brand Council
  • The Marriage of Marketing and HR
  • The Touch Point Analysis
  • The Segmented Organisation
  • Measure and Manage

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